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Film Permits in Los Angeles

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If you require help obtaining film permits in the Los Angles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Las Vegas, National Parks or anywhere in the United States then Los Angeles Fixer can assist you.



Los Angeles Fixer has organized permits for hundreds of productions in Los Angeles, Southern California and the United States. We have a great relationship with the city’s permitting body FilmLA as well as the other permit jurisdictions in the city and county.  In the past we’ve secured permits to shoot at Venice Beach, the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, downtown, and various parks across the city. We even organized permits to hang swings off a pier, film in Joshua Tree National Park and race sports cars down a desert road.


If you’re going to film in Los Angeles, you will require permits. However navigating the permit system can be difficult, especially for production not based in Los Angeles or familiar with the area. For instance, FilmLA will not accept foreign production insurance and insurance is a requirement for any permit.


Los Angeles Fixers is fully insured and using us to process and organize your permits ensures the whole process run smoothly and is affordable. We’ll handle the logistics, cross jurisdiction coordination, walk-throughs and paperwork so that you can focus on your shoot. 


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