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Covid 19 Filming Safety Protocols and Compliance

los angeles covid 19 safety

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on June 5, 2020 that counties throughout the state could begin reopening to film, television and commercial production. FilmLA began issuing film permits June 15, 2020 and film, TV and commercial production is back, albeit with a new normal.


Los Angeles Fixer follows all LA. County, state and federal (CDC) mandated safety protocol. This included daily temperature checks, social distancing, mask wearing, providing PPE, waiver directives, hand sanitizing, testing, individually packaged meals and craft services, minimized onset crew and a preference towards outdoor locations.


Los Angeles Fixer can provide your production with an accredited COVID 19 Compliance and Safety Officer to ensure the safety of all cast / crew and that safety protocols are adhered to and enforced.

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